Hey guys.  I lost interest pretty quickly but got this much out.  As always, comment if you like, or just feel like leaving me your thoughts.

ahhh a cool breeze a sky that’s blue and those beautiful rays shining through/
the grey subdues right on cue as if the sun really needs to be reminding you/
as we bid the cold adieu i never forget that i told a few to behold the truth/
as the fear accrues we need to pursue the facts and repent what they sold the youth/
i see into souls and see my role in attaining our goals and taking control of them/
i am a mole amongst men and do this while i try my best to console my friends/
and get them to hold their heads up high as they take their meds to try to stay sane/
to stay in the right frame of mind but we need to pray at night just to maintain/