Have you ever encountered something, or more importantly someone, you don’t want to confront or speak to.  Do you ever wonder how the other side feels, and how difficult it is for them to let their feelings be known as well.  We just need to let our minds wander and our lips move and just hope for the best. 


why are we all scared to speak the truth but will think it through/
it is hard to and the outcome does stop us from doing what we got to do/
but when the weight is lifted your state is shifted and it sure seems easy/
stay calm like the breeze be and i don’t wonder why people wouldn’t believe me/
the more you contemplate the more you wait the harder you make the situation/
no need for patience i’m sure you won’t envy what the other side is facin’/
they struggle just the same you can likely see the pain in their expressions/
once the barrier is broken and thoughts spoken and you’ve laid out confessions/
then you can become transparent and it’s apparent people will see your true side/
for who you are not who you want them to see you as and tell them few lies/