Had to put up the video of Augor and Revok getting busy.



Ahhhh, LA, the city of bright lights and endless beaches.  In the dark of the night a kid who calls himself Augor has been seriously putting in work on some billboards.  Just wanted to share a few things he has done in the past and hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.

I just wanted to share a few people I hold near to me at all times. 

you need to pay homage and be honest i’m groundbreaking like gil scott heron is/
influenced by both muhammed ali and talib kweli but for me it really is a long list/
you know the horns of john coltrane and charlie parker must be on it my friend/
we can’t just pretend that the current state of music is good it’s off on a trend/
have to rewind when i hear paul simon and about the soles with diamonds in them/
have more respect when they struggle for rent because most have just lied in the end/
it’s been said nothing’s more mightier than the pen and i agree wholeheartedly/
it is not hard to see that this music flows through my body and it’s a part of me/
just not spoken word but also draw inspiration from the books of mailer and hesse/
the letters of revok and retna’s colours none compare they are just failures at best/