I  would like to give a shout out to Chris and what he has going on at http://www.nomdeguerre.ca.  I’m helping him put together a graffiti magazine focusing on the westcoast of Canada.  Check out the link.

am i confused as you believe the words of the offspring of the virgin mary’s womb/
my views are rarely used i still feel that the world will only get more scary soon/
so i need an escape cruise to wherever my fate will allow my soul to be free/
i now hold the key and no one seems to be holding me back i’m not forced to agree/
as my mind gets lost in the forest greens the sea it’s no longer foreign to me/
it’s wonderful to see but to me societies problems are stored in the streets/
we all need to be able to create our dreams and not lock them away for years/
why do we stray when fear creeps our way or do what it takes to keep yahweh near/
as i paint the portaits of orphaned souls with tainted ink on a ruined canvas/
this made me think maybe it just our brush strokes but who understands this/
i feel their life as it surrounds me but also see the black clouds that follow/
who is the one that is hollow what i observe daily often makes it hard to swallow/
does god know he doesn’t exist i would rather have the dj save my life anyway/
my life is perfect as long as rent is paid and i have my family and friends today/


Just had to thank Maker, he makes beautiful and gorgeous music.

as i reflect sift through this imperfect existence persistant to prove my stance/
i’m in the mood to rant and it seems that we’ll take the guidance in lieu of chance/
a few will dance with the devil and be lucky to survive to describe to the tall tale/
i tend to see your flaws pale in comparison to mine as we listen to these squalls fail/
why is it we all hail the most high most lie to gather respect that isn’t earned/
cheques are burned along with the records of the spectacle before the tides are turned/
a try to learn but my concern lies in our safety not in these locks that constrain me/
lady liberty, the only heroine i see others worried about what the price of heroin and cocaine be/
i once wrote names neat of certain people that i hoped see gone after we broke the chains free/
namely ones who use mind control mines my own i know your words are spoken to slain me/
they have tried to trap my mind sap my dreams zap my inspiration and kill my ambition/
i watch what is inflicted and their decision is to prosper as they sell an addiction/

still discouraged i still encourage the polls not to be tampered with/
who’s really an anarchist i don’t know if you can actually answer this/
no need to remain a pacifist afer this election when the disaster hits/
do you wonder why we don’t get the same luxuries that your pastor gets/
as i’m riding satan’s back in fact please leave my family in tact/
the impact from an intact left wing movement will force the other side to react/
do we need to hand the torch of course to a force higher than we know of/
is there mores dove in the sky to show peace or is there nothing to show love/
maybe we should hold up hold onto our hopes to cope with the crumbling earth/
i’ve hit the road stumbling first too bad we have to always run to the hearst/
the good die young i stay high strung hell bent on changing the power structure/
keep thinking of ways to muster the strength to greet mother nature and test her/
i’ve witnessed her lecture and realized that the picture she paints is tainted/
but i’ve maintained with a tight grip might clip the angels wing who’s sainted/
i hold inside what it takes to uphold this cadence with tales from ancient past lives/
is easy who knew this mandible would handle the abilty to create caste rights/
the wisdom to last nights and days might we pray for a brighter outlook/
i’m stuck in a place as i’m still searching for the light the night took/

I don’t know if anyone of you got to watch Dennis Kucinich, and his tirade against President Bush.  The world needs to be rid of this man, and it couldn’t come quickly enough for me to stay happy.  I don’t have to deal with his ideals or the way he presides over his country, but I do have to watch it on the television and I don’t think I can cringe for much longer.  So I decided to write this.


i’ve seen stars shine bright through the dark of our political system/
some feed off what i’ve written to hold onto a future that looks grim/
we’re being torn limb from limb and now my patience does nothing but wear thin/
when did we begin this path to death it’s to bad we are living for your sins/
the consersative approach has been forced in and our homes are’t the same/
it’s a shame you’re to blame for the ills of societies and what it became/
my aim is clear and concise i fear to be precise with the words i use/
we’ve seen the worst now twice a left wing leader would be the first i choose/
why do we only see the hursts on the news we need to celebrate life/
it’s not right it’s too bad that they didn’t their heavens gate invite/

I watched something yesterday. A movie. It told me that the good is done in sunshine, while the evil is done in the dark. Why do the elite meet in secret location discussing things that don’t get released to the public? What are they planning? We need to discover the facts and not rely on our media to not tell us the truth.

sometimes i wish for brighter days and for the truth not to have a slight delay/
am i right in my ways who knows? we sure all have an image we might portray/
and it’s night and day too bad i’m frightened to say that we need to change/
indeed i try and take heed to things i think we need to be freed from fangs/
i see these deceitful names struggle to keep their fame out of the news/
we are forcefed lies so it’s not a shame that we’re doubting the truth/
who knew the elite meet in secret and keep the public out of the picture/
i’ll write to my wrists hurt to warn my people about the dangers of the scriptures/
you following false prophets will not halt profits as the church gets richer/
i think my views of society are well known i have made several strictures/

our minds trapped in solitary confinement we stay blind trying to see civil liberties/
i’m reminded that in time these rats will take away everything that will set me free/
just wish you would let me be the stress from these snake filled streets is rising/
few shown life seen tombstones in eyes too bad it’s not death we’re despising/
why do they go without a sound souls escaping before reaching the burial grounds/
our eyes lowered always looking down not around it seems pride rarely is found/
if we don’t surround ourselves with the right folk with the left vote i see no changes/
became strangers in our home deranged with paranoia to bad you cant tame this/
instill fear to steer you clear of the truth destroy documents and a file’s contents/
they commit perjury on the stand and they murder to understand this nonsense/


I’ve never felt as lost as I do right now, but how quickly can I see where myself I want to be?  Time is precious right now and I’m not letting it go by faster than I can put up with.  Today I thought something out-loud that really shouldn’t be the case.  I was thinking about how the countries of the world would rather satisfy their curiosities with the exploring of the solar system rather than give people of their country free health-care.  Do you think the trillions of dollars spent on NASA could go to making the clinics and doctors to be cost free?  Just something to think about.

it’s true i lack words for the current state of fizer and procter and gamble/
drug costs rising what to prescribe me is confusion these doctors can’t handle/
it’s time to dismantle the profits is it that hard for you to only break even/
but you’ve made me believe you did what’s right now we can’t just fake treason/
we think it should be free to get healed i’m appalled at where all the dollars go/
too bad i wish these CEOs would display the same intelligence our scholars show/
they paint the future dark with various shades of black all it does is it distracts/
us off track and we need to react differently with many things we combat in fact/
are we a society that needs to see plenty fendi and moon bases by 2020 and on/
lived outside our means for centuries plenty of men be telling me i’ve lived wrong/
is space exploration a joke or do we need to debate if it’s a planet or not/
it’s salvation i sought not bought i struggle because i can’t stand what is taught/