as the tears stream and love escapes this wounded heart/
if i dont feel the pain of missing you im sure it soon will start/
ive lost in my life the newest part its going to be truly hard/
i can make few remarks about how i feel cause my heart is newly scared/
if fate brought us together im sure miracles can occur twice/
im sure i heard right when she called me the most important thing in her life/
and they are my sentiments exactly i hope we see each other soon/
our eyes locked hands together and out lips will meet under the moon/
the passion will never cease even when the distance makes me think it will fade away/
goodbyes i hate to say at least i can remember when your smile made my day/
or how our bodies moved in rhythm to the beat of our souls/
or how our hands fit perfect and yours is the one i need to hold


i wish i could say i’ve been around the globe and seen many places/
but i haven’t lived as long as some and still  seen plenty faces/
i hope to embrace different races with open arms and similar hearts/
maybe the question i should be asking is on which continent do i start?/
do i seek the rolling hills of england singling out your birthplace/
or the edge of the golden gate bridge where we might feel the earth shake/
as we wait to sit with griots we got the wisdom of many past stories/
i know i have to escape the shadow of the maple leaf and old glory/
need to expand my horizons you never know maybe i could learn a thing/
i can’t wait til we are in norway one day and we will exchange our rings/

Here we go, another one to show how much I love the most special person in my life.  If you appreciate what I have to say please do leave comments, I appreciate to hear what you have to say about my passion.  Thank you so much.

i close my eyes i’m reminded of your gorgeous presence and inner beauty/
i love how you view me thinking i’m special and that’s exactly what the truth be/
you see, my family knows your role in my happiness and i would have to agree/
when our hands meet to be one and your lips touch mine it’s magic to me/
from your locks of hair wound tight like the grasp you have on my heart/
as my eyes make their way down they are stopped before they even start/
i know your body is a work of art but i know our souls hurt while apart/
your gaze has my attention and i’m amazed at the knowlege which you impart/
and life to me isn’t all just glamour and glitz it’s how we commmit/
and if you permit me the honour of you forever we should one day make this legit/
i’m talking rings on fingers as my love for you lingers on for decades/
as the stress fades you should know your smile puts me in a perfect headspace/

I decided that I haven’t used my words to show you how much I actually love you in quite some time.  So here it is, another attempt to let you know you are the most amazing and beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life.  I thank you for sticking by my side through the high and low times and know that the future for us is so bright.


i have found she’s the one for me i know i need to have her in my life/
and with her by my side i know with her help i know what i do is right/
i am mesmerized by the sight of her figure and the smell of her skin/
my patience was wearing thin until i found your inner beauty within/
and now we begin to take each others hand for the ride to become one/
i love what we’ve become it’s something i needed even before this had begun/
i’m glad i forsaw the future early on when you’re around i’m sure i’m calm/
and when you say you love me i am certain i know i’ve never heard it wrong/
and my words are strong they carry the voice of passion burning inside of me/
don’t want to hide you see because i might miss how gorgeous my bride will be/
i know my heart will guide my feet and i stride to seek you until the end/
i know i can confide the side that’s weak and you still will be my friend/

to me you are what embodies family and you hold me in high regard it appears/
with that i could not be happier it seems and i see no need to discard any tears/
i awake from this dream but i still have your daughter’s hand held in mine tightly/
i’m reminded nightly that she is the one for me never do i think she might be/
and i am honoured you like me and not just for the way that i make her feel/
i now believe and think my fate is sealed and i’m not about to fake what’s real/
no need to try my respect is still high with a beautiful woman by my side/
and accepting folks who let me know i’m one of them with what they provide/
a caring heart and an open home from the start have shown me your soul/
i still feel so supported by her today and never do i feel i am alone in my goals/

Do I really need to explain myself with this one.  I have not felt good about how I have been acting as of late but feel that I have blossomed into a new person.  I have never felt this good about myself in quite a while and need you to be there by my side to take it all in.

i wish words could be returned to sender or at least i could remember/
that a woman of your stature is still delicate it means your heart is tender/
can you call it remorse if things don’t change but of course it isn’t the same/
i’ve made changes necessary to keep your name from crippling my brain/
plain and simple you know my love flows like the rain or ripples in the ocean/
i don’t feign devotion and i try my hardest not to be fickle with emotions/
you should know you bring out the best in me i don’t want the rest you see/
indeed respect should be an expectancy and now i guess the test will be/
if i can show you more of that because it’s been sorely missing as of late/
i don’t take pride in my actions in fact i’m ashamed of what i can create/

tell the one special person in my life that I love them.  I know I don’t need a specific date on the calender to say this, but felt like today was a good day to proclaim my love for you