He also reps that LTS crew from LALAland.  Had to make my blog pretty with his pictures.


Had to put up the video of Augor and Revok getting busy.


Ahhhh, LA, the city of bright lights and endless beaches.  In the dark of the night a kid who calls himself Augor has been seriously putting in work on some billboards.  Just wanted to share a few things he has done in the past and hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.

His name is Hoser.  He represents Vancouver by way of Nanaimo, British Columbia.  With many affiliations to various crews on both sides of the border you can catch him throwing up BH, HFB, NWK and was a founder of the only graffiti crew to do anything in Nanaimo, IEK.  I thought the kid needed some shine so I put a few of his flicks up on my page.

Everyone seems to come to this post.  If you guys come here you should really check out the rest of my poems and work on this site.  You have to just click the Home link at the top of the page and you’ll be there in no time.  Thanks so much!


I really love where Jersey Joe takes street art.  So many bright colour and characters that just pop off whatever canvas he chooses to use.  He also has an alter ego, some may also call him Rime.  He as well represents the best graffiti crews in the world, just like Retna and Revok.  His art and everything else associated with him can be found here.


It might be a little squished but illegal or not, I can always appreciate the man they call Revok.  He also represent those crews we call Angels Will Rise and them Mad Society Kings.  They also run a pretty popular clothing brand named The Seventh Letter.  You can check out most his paid and non-paid work here.