as i search for the answers the thrist for knowledge seems powerless as we age/
as we turn the page on another year we must now learn to set the stage/
from sqaulor to fame the fallouts the same who wants their dreams the american way/
the current world and it’s ways makes me scared to say that i’ve been dared to pray/
can we change our path or do we need to endure the stress and hate our past/
so now do i continue to write my wrongs or try to right my wrongs too fast/
we will all soon pass so do you choose to uplift our people or something equal/
let’s just not pray on the bleak few and try not to herd the meek that seek the steeple/
what does god teach you that love is conditional and you should take how people treat you/
do you want to live like this i don’t think so so go out of your comfort zone and seek truth/
where does the journey take me i’m aching for simplicity in my daily routine/
the truth hurts i can’t seem to talk through things one day i hope i can come clean/


I  would like to give a shout out to Chris and what he has going on at  I’m helping him put together a graffiti magazine focusing on the westcoast of Canada.  Check out the link.

am i confused as you believe the words of the offspring of the virgin mary’s womb/
my views are rarely used i still feel that the world will only get more scary soon/
so i need an escape cruise to wherever my fate will allow my soul to be free/
i now hold the key and no one seems to be holding me back i’m not forced to agree/
as my mind gets lost in the forest greens the sea it’s no longer foreign to me/
it’s wonderful to see but to me societies problems are stored in the streets/
we all need to be able to create our dreams and not lock them away for years/
why do we stray when fear creeps our way or do what it takes to keep yahweh near/
as i paint the portaits of orphaned souls with tainted ink on a ruined canvas/
this made me think maybe it just our brush strokes but who understands this/
i feel their life as it surrounds me but also see the black clouds that follow/
who is the one that is hollow what i observe daily often makes it hard to swallow/
does god know he doesn’t exist i would rather have the dj save my life anyway/
my life is perfect as long as rent is paid and i have my family and friends today/

i’m always fascinated that i can handle where my mind goes/
but as life passes and time flows i’m asking if your kind knows/
and remind those of the corruptions and lies that i might right/
personally i like life and it’s contents i hold onto tight like/
the grasps money has on us even though we aren’t the ones with it/
but who’s the culprit who can stop it do we need to get specific/
or need to place conditions as we began to map the tension/
i see them tapping into your father’s pension might we mention/
you’re full of apprehension as well hoping here is colder than hell/
they can’t get ahold of their health should they make a mold of themselves/

is this the future the growing greed of these baby boomers/
reporting the rumours from the same cell phones that gave me tumors/
they should have made me sooner cause can envoke ideas with words/
we’re being steered off course but of course we will change our ways/
before the praying mantis closes it’s grasp but it’s complex they say/
on checks these days i’m seeing way to many zeros/
and i fear those that case a dark shadow on our supposed heroes/
they move in silence and screcy whenever they want to/
why don’t they flaunt the truth their lies are just used to taunt you/
are our habits killing us softly as we hope our song doesn’t end/
or is that the part that keeps us sane we hope to pretend/
so i share some smoke with a friend and conversate/
he tells me about a one world government and we don’t have long to wait/
are these songs of hate or just cries to shed the pain we feel/
our words are being maimed you deal with it with something stainless steel/

Just had to thank Maker, he makes beautiful and gorgeous music.

as i reflect sift through this imperfect existence persistant to prove my stance/
i’m in the mood to rant and it seems that we’ll take the guidance in lieu of chance/
a few will dance with the devil and be lucky to survive to describe to the tall tale/
i tend to see your flaws pale in comparison to mine as we listen to these squalls fail/
why is it we all hail the most high most lie to gather respect that isn’t earned/
cheques are burned along with the records of the spectacle before the tides are turned/
a try to learn but my concern lies in our safety not in these locks that constrain me/
lady liberty, the only heroine i see others worried about what the price of heroin and cocaine be/
i once wrote names neat of certain people that i hoped see gone after we broke the chains free/
namely ones who use mind control mines my own i know your words are spoken to slain me/
they have tried to trap my mind sap my dreams zap my inspiration and kill my ambition/
i watch what is inflicted and their decision is to prosper as they sell an addiction/

do we live in corrupt times because these politicians seem to commit abrupt crimes/
must we remind you now can you see why it is we distrust the kind who disrupt minds/
our youth aren’t blind but too bad the truth isn’t written for our eyes to view/
and when it is right on cue who’s the one to cover it up with the darkest hue/
it must be the boys in blue combined with the secret forces who govern the globe/
why is it that we continue to mourn the bold while they stay stubborn and old/
still try to wear my heart on my sleeve but as you can see it’s no longer beating/
it’s human rights they’re defeating by alligning with these hate monger’s teachings/

with my sights set on the right sect do we have any rights left/
they try to instill fear with empty threats while we still write checks/
the fatter the pockets the less they worry about the matters at hand/
so please tell me what matters my man my soul is tattered as planned/
are we all manic or has it finally ran it’s course through these veins/
but few have changed i still look around and ask myself who is sane/
we still see that the news is maimed and the written word has mutated/
i know the truth is sacred but speak your mind and it’s you who’s hated/
what happened to free press please come back it’s not like we need stress/
we will even seek less but not what is handed to us by that fox news mess/
or even cnn why can’t we amend the situation we are being faced with/
i’m in a world full of facelifts fake shit and styles that are tasteless/
try to embrace it but still find myself in a world i can’t seem to fit in/
can’t turn a blind eye to members of congress that will still commit sins/