still discouraged i still encourage the polls not to be tampered with/
who’s really an anarchist i don’t know if you can actually answer this/
no need to remain a pacifist afer this election when the disaster hits/
do you wonder why we don’t get the same luxuries that your pastor gets/
as i’m riding satan’s back in fact please leave my family in tact/
the impact from an intact left wing movement will force the other side to react/
do we need to hand the torch of course to a force higher than we know of/
is there mores dove in the sky to show peace or is there nothing to show love/
maybe we should hold up hold onto our hopes to cope with the crumbling earth/
i’ve hit the road stumbling first too bad we have to always run to the hearst/
the good die young i stay high strung hell bent on changing the power structure/
keep thinking of ways to muster the strength to greet mother nature and test her/
i’ve witnessed her lecture and realized that the picture she paints is tainted/
but i’ve maintained with a tight grip might clip the angels wing who’s sainted/
i hold inside what it takes to uphold this cadence with tales from ancient past lives/
is easy who knew this mandible would handle the abilty to create caste rights/
the wisdom to last nights and days might we pray for a brighter outlook/
i’m stuck in a place as i’m still searching for the light the night took/


are we able to hide behind the image our reputation creates/
personally i hate that a few wrong moves can dictate your fate/
so don’t move in haste just wait it takes a bit of patience/
but i’ve been waitin since 9/11 to see the truth of the masons/
now my wit’s been wasted hitched on the back of my dying soul/
as i see way to many die below the poverty line buying hope/
they just stay high to cope as the police still be eyeing folk/
i’m a nice guy i know you have thoughts these are just mine i wrote/
commiting sins i think but the crimes are few and far between/
we still be killing the world with cars it seems as i harbour screams/
you make it hard to dream and you shatter what little remains/
bush and hitler flow through the same vein we can’t maintain/
a one world party system we need to put their doctrines too shame/
most of us aren’t opting for change we are just to lost in the pain/
misguided by this broken debate between the likes of good and evil/
try to see the good in people who praise god and behold the steeple/

I am so glad I am coming back here regularly to update my page.  This one has no specific theme, I just got up and decided to do a bit of writing and enjoyed how it turned out. 


we deserve answers like who’s behind these wars who’s the financers/
we need to advance research who’s to blame as we watch people die with cancer/
i’ve seen plenty of women and men hurt we need to divert disaster/
first alert the parish and see how quickly you can convert your pastor/
we can’t stay inert forever we need to assert our presence on earth/
with men at their worst the judge won’t listen and will just sentence us first/
we need an open mind and i hope this time that my words make a difference/
i represent the masses and make sure i have specific interests and intents/
i carry them on my back in fact along with their burdens and their dreams/
they seem to be nervous to me because they haven’t been heard but deceived/


What do you think of when you hear the word retna?  We usually don’t think of a man that can create not only graffiti with a can of paint but also beautiful art with a variety of tools, plus his style of script is on another level.   Photo courtesy of those boys with MSK and AWR, and you can check out more from Retna and the rest of the crew here.