A friend wanted to me to touch on the idea of suicide, so I decided that I would let my brain wander into the unknown. I don’t condone this kind of action, but I’m sure we have all thought about a better place at one point or another.

is it a cop out how about we hop out of our bodies just for a second/
do we make the right choice we all know it’s the devil that beckons/
or is it our time to go i know my mind will know when death becomes me so/
my life at times is slow as the knife draws bloods and those cuts do show/
but who will show that they care when the air is drawn from my wilting body/
as my body gets cold there goes my soul my heart my mind as i kill things softly/
but often our kind is misjudged but i have distruted this path i’ve chosen/
i shed societies mold when i was told at ten that my heart was molten/
that it had melted alongside the feelings i had about the life i had lead/
forcefed until i was confirmed dead mislead about the image i wish i could shed/
they even tried shock therapy and apparantly that didn’t work as planned/
and made me take whatever they thought would cure what ails as my throat was crammed/
with pills with names i couldn’t pronounce but they sure made me feel numb/
the doctors i wish i could grill them they didn’t know that they will kill some/


A brother of a friend passed away, I had lots of thoughts on my mind and this is what it produced. Rest in peace to everyone that has gone early.

sure seems that the best are leaving no matter what they believe in/
it doesn’t matter what you’re preaching but to me they are gone for no good reason/
i don’t think they are seeking a better place and to me you said it’s fate/
as the bright ones depart to the grave early it does make our heads rotate/
should we break down and cry or sort out our lives and continue to soldier on/
we can’t hold on strong now that our family, best friends, spouses, and lovers are gone/
what did we do so wrong that this pain is felt so long we question ourselves/
one day i’ll be resting near as we shed a tear on the plot that’s been delved/
and now their wealth is the smiles, laughs, and joy spread amongst by all/
i’m still trying to figure out why it’s their name their lord needed to call/

Just a short one.  Hope you like it.  Please don’t stop coming back to check me out.

we all know that life is precious it seems to me that god’s guesses are wrong/
he seems to be taking souls early surely is it fine that we stay depressed for long?/
as we mourn and our tears crash down similar to the waves on the shore hard/
but retract quick like the tide to bring me back at least not anymore scarrred/
just take a minute to compute this or pursuit whatever which will complete you/
it’s too bad i’m forcefed i don’t like to eat news still destined to meet truth/

I am so glad I am coming back here regularly to update my page.  This one has no specific theme, I just got up and decided to do a bit of writing and enjoyed how it turned out. 


we deserve answers like who’s behind these wars who’s the financers/
we need to advance research who’s to blame as we watch people die with cancer/
i’ve seen plenty of women and men hurt we need to divert disaster/
first alert the parish and see how quickly you can convert your pastor/
we can’t stay inert forever we need to assert our presence on earth/
with men at their worst the judge won’t listen and will just sentence us first/
we need an open mind and i hope this time that my words make a difference/
i represent the masses and make sure i have specific interests and intents/
i carry them on my back in fact along with their burdens and their dreams/
they seem to be nervous to me because they haven’t been heard but deceived/