in a dream like state i saw theĀ  night change and i’m free from these chains/
i need to refrain from putting the blame on these snakes and their fangs/
and where does that leave us desolate and cold as we seek the truth/
why must we compete to prove the news is real but it still bleak for few/
to weak to subdue the hues of blue my soul is feeling less than ordinary/
more than many i think are forced to fend without means it’s sort of scary/
maybe i’m ornarary but doesn’t the make-up of us seem fake and corrupt/
or am i too late or abrupt or maybe it’s that i’m not awake to disrupt/
do we need to use soldiers to send a message that the oil is gods/
from iraq to sudan we need to retract from command those moralist slobs/
they must be bored with their jobs as they let the bloodshed continue/
must i remind you the rest will combine into a new world order debut/
a few will hold onto you and rule with the money and power in mind/
i’m sour to find out to do what needs doing there isn’t enough hours of time/


do we live in corrupt times because these politicians seem to commit abrupt crimes/
must we remind you now can you see why it is we distrust the kind who disrupt minds/
our youth aren’t blind but too bad the truth isn’t written for our eyes to view/
and when it is right on cue who’s the one to cover it up with the darkest hue/
it must be the boys in blue combined with the secret forces who govern the globe/
why is it that we continue to mourn the bold while they stay stubborn and old/
still try to wear my heart on my sleeve but as you can see it’s no longer beating/
it’s human rights they’re defeating by alligning with these hate monger’s teachings/