I’ve never felt as lost as I do right now, but how quickly can I see where myself I want to be?  Time is precious right now and I’m not letting it go by faster than I can put up with.  Today I thought something out-loud that really shouldn’t be the case.  I was thinking about how the countries of the world would rather satisfy their curiosities with the exploring of the solar system rather than give people of their country free health-care.  Do you think the trillions of dollars spent on NASA could go to making the clinics and doctors to be cost free?  Just something to think about.

it’s true i lack words for the current state of fizer and procter and gamble/
drug costs rising what to prescribe me is confusion these doctors can’t handle/
it’s time to dismantle the profits is it that hard for you to only break even/
but you’ve made me believe you did what’s right now we can’t just fake treason/
we think it should be free to get healed i’m appalled at where all the dollars go/
too bad i wish these CEOs would display the same intelligence our scholars show/
they paint the future dark with various shades of black all it does is it distracts/
us off track and we need to react differently with many things we combat in fact/
are we a society that needs to see plenty fendi and moon bases by 2020 and on/
lived outside our means for centuries plenty of men be telling me i’ve lived wrong/
is space exploration a joke or do we need to debate if it’s a planet or not/
it’s salvation i sought not bought i struggle because i can’t stand what is taught/



I thought I would let everyone know how crazy Mister O’Reilly is.  I’m glad that Phil served him good.  If you don’t know who he is you better find that out quickly.  Also, if you’ve never seen the movie Outfoxed, I would seriously recommend it.  It shows the way that Fox News compiles their stories and how unfair and unbiased they really are.

is our existence in shambles or can we handle the pain we feel/
has the well be drained of freewill by the almighty stainless steel?/
trapped with fear but i can speak on reality cause i’ve had it near/
it’s quite clear most are blind to the facts too bad you heard it here/
i’ve persevered through years of the same monotonous behaviour/
but one thing at least the right wing government has gotten us is a saviour/
and if you don’t believe in him they don’t want anything to do with you/
it’s true but i’ve had to inject ice water in my veins through and through/
who is you and what is your objective and mission statement while you exist/
not dissolution but to persist in the revolution but all i see in the air is your fist/
can’t do much with hand gestures there are rights we have to sequester/
i’m sick of testing the waters mother nature is tired we need to rest her/

First off, I want to thank Blockhead for his album entitled Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book.  I guess you could say this is a little bit about how I feel about the music industry.  It is constantly run by the same group of rich white men who will always dictate what you and I will always listen to and read.  We are constantly bombarded with the same image from different angles at the same time.  You hear the same song on the radio as you see on the television, there has to be something wrong with that.  I can’t stand how things are and how the people that need to be heard aren’t the ones that are in most people’s ipods.  Just a warning, there is a line in this one some might find offensive, please don’t take it the wrong way.  I just wish that people had more control of their own music.  How is it that the music so closely related to the streets and the struggle is dominated by a groups of men who don’t relate at all.

i’m super intelligent but the content seems to be irrelevant/
don’t need to use our minds our hips sway as part of the settlement/
the music’s intent should be more than a market share percent/
at present i just want to know where all the good music went/
the industry’s controlled by just masons and jews who decide just for you/
what station you choose and also what you hear and when you do/
it’s too bad no one has had  the opportunity to hear you and me/
it’s true you see we posses a fluency in an art full of scrutiny/
but the ones i respect object to the subject matter in music/
it’s the image you’re seduced with that is what i refuse quick/
i don’t want to hear it i’ve most likely heard it all already/
all i know is that the combination of money and greed is deadly/