I am so glad I am coming back here regularly to update my page.  This one has no specific theme, I just got up and decided to do a bit of writing and enjoyed how it turned out. 


we deserve answers like who’s behind these wars who’s the financers/
we need to advance research who’s to blame as we watch people die with cancer/
i’ve seen plenty of women and men hurt we need to divert disaster/
first alert the parish and see how quickly you can convert your pastor/
we can’t stay inert forever we need to assert our presence on earth/
with men at their worst the judge won’t listen and will just sentence us first/
we need an open mind and i hope this time that my words make a difference/
i represent the masses and make sure i have specific interests and intents/
i carry them on my back in fact along with their burdens and their dreams/
they seem to be nervous to me because they haven’t been heard but deceived/