as i search for the answers the thrist for knowledge seems powerless as we age/
as we turn the page on another year we must now learn to set the stage/
from sqaulor to fame the fallouts the same who wants their dreams the american way/
the current world and it’s ways makes me scared to say that i’ve been dared to pray/
can we change our path or do we need to endure the stress and hate our past/
so now do i continue to write my wrongs or try to right my wrongs too fast/
we will all soon pass so do you choose to uplift our people or something equal/
let’s just not pray on the bleak few and try not to herd the meek that seek the steeple/
what does god teach you that love is conditional and you should take how people treat you/
do you want to live like this i don’t think so so go out of your comfort zone and seek truth/
where does the journey take me i’m aching for simplicity in my daily routine/
the truth hurts i can’t seem to talk through things one day i hope i can come clean/


Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

Louis D. Brandeis

I watched something yesterday. A movie. It told me that the good is done in sunshine, while the evil is done in the dark. Why do the elite meet in secret location discussing things that don’t get released to the public? What are they planning? We need to discover the facts and not rely on our media to not tell us the truth.

sometimes i wish for brighter days and for the truth not to have a slight delay/
am i right in my ways who knows? we sure all have an image we might portray/
and it’s night and day too bad i’m frightened to say that we need to change/
indeed i try and take heed to things i think we need to be freed from fangs/
i see these deceitful names struggle to keep their fame out of the news/
we are forcefed lies so it’s not a shame that we’re doubting the truth/
who knew the elite meet in secret and keep the public out of the picture/
i’ll write to my wrists hurt to warn my people about the dangers of the scriptures/
you following false prophets will not halt profits as the church gets richer/
i think my views of society are well known i have made several strictures/

I don’t know if anyone noticed that I haven’t written anything new for a few months now, but I will be making an effort to come at least a few times a week to update you with my words.  As always, I appreciate the comments from people that I don’t know that are on the other side of the world or next door to me. 

Have you ever encountered something, or more importantly someone, you don’t want to confront or speak to.  Do you ever wonder how the other side feels, and how difficult it is for them to let their feelings be known as well.  We just need to let our minds wander and our lips move and just hope for the best. 


why are we all scared to speak the truth but will think it through/
it is hard to and the outcome does stop us from doing what we got to do/
but when the weight is lifted your state is shifted and it sure seems easy/
stay calm like the breeze be and i don’t wonder why people wouldn’t believe me/
the more you contemplate the more you wait the harder you make the situation/
no need for patience i’m sure you won’t envy what the other side is facin’/
they struggle just the same you can likely see the pain in their expressions/
once the barrier is broken and thoughts spoken and you’ve laid out confessions/
then you can become transparent and it’s apparent people will see your true side/
for who you are not who you want them to see you as and tell them few lies/


Man, oh man, how much did Freestyle Fellowship change the game in the early 90s.  The cadence of Aceyalone or the octave changes of Myka Nyne, they revolutionized hiphop on the whole left Coast for the decade and beyond.  This one is from Innercity Griots, true, that’s what they were, along Daddy-O. 

our minds trapped in solitary confinement we stay blind trying to see civil liberties/
i’m reminded that in time these rats will take away everything that will set me free/
just wish you would let me be the stress from these snake filled streets is rising/
few shown life seen tombstones in eyes too bad it’s not death we’re despising/
why do they go without a sound souls escaping before reaching the burial grounds/
our eyes lowered always looking down not around it seems pride rarely is found/
if we don’t surround ourselves with the right folk with the left vote i see no changes/
became strangers in our home deranged with paranoia to bad you cant tame this/
instill fear to steer you clear of the truth destroy documents and a file’s contents/
they commit perjury on the stand and they murder to understand this nonsense/

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