i’m sure no words hurts worse how come i couldn’t have thought first/

now i’m stuck as i see our friendship being taken away in a locked hearst/

it’s too bad your wishes were not heard but my mind took control of my heart/

from the start i wished that in my life you would always play a really big part/

i scribe the tales of a man that lacks the words or actions to formulate an apology/

i would never consider each other a singular entity to me it was always you and me/

just saw what we could conquer from molehills to mountains and we would do it together/

from the way your body fit in mine to the brighest smile you could give me is what i’ll remember/

i know my chances are slim but i what to begin where we started when i didn’t know your name/

i want it to be the same as it was when we didn’t know each others past or their pain/

that first time our hands touched or that point when i couldn’t take my gaze from yours/

hands held tight we locked eyes before we locked hearts as my whole body yearned for more/


i don’t think i have much to say but as i sit here and i rot away/
i know for a fact that it’s because how you live i choose not that way/
i continue to be lost in a game i can’t find the answers to win/
it saddens me that my sister liberty can’t fight the cancers within/
i see the law sway the wrong way it’s always the same song thats played/
you think it’s the truth they speak but i see them go through a dishonest phase/
i place no trust in officals that in my digust lust over the almighty dollar/
i face unjust eventually it seems the world will just be thrust into squalor/
i keep searching for a solution coasting with rebellion just trying to make it through/
it’s too bad your fate with prove to be quite foolish as you continue to hate the truth/
the right would consider me one of satan’s youths so where does that leave me/
maybe it’s what i read be the cause of my frustrations as i set my beliefs free/
our minds are sick and twisted by the biggest business the stranglehold is a tight one/
our air supply depleted quick our freedom nipped i can’t even force myself to like some/
but when you get that deep breath you cherish it we need to think that way with every exhale/
it’s too bad sex sells just hope respect prevails as our people become wary and frail/

my goal is to uphold the moral code of my ancestors so we can break this horid mold/
i don’t think i’ve sold my soul we need to remove the homeless from the morbid cold/
i plead to a god can you please make it stop i am starting to feel our ethos is lost/
but i won’t seek the cross you speak of i would welcome your ideas if it wasn’t for the cost/
i don’t understand tithing while those barely surviving are writhing in pain outside the church/
just waiting til you cop that new ride a hearst i can’t say why most hide their worth/
myself is who i confide in first and the first person that i lied to and denied the truth/
but conflict resolution isn’t a solution that works well for me since i was a youth/
is the news that bleak or have we confused atheletes and actors as something they are not/
it doesn’t just matter if your car’s hot i have my sniper scope and i’m set up for the far shot/
bodies dropped my passion has hardly stopped my heart is scarred a lot and i’ve lost my thoughts/
just hoping i have no recollection of each imperfection my soul knows and tries to block/
is the future as bleak as my mind knows the past haunts to remind those dying slow/
i can’t stand alone with idle folk but must live with the decision of what side i chose/
it seems the lies are from those that ride the cloak of secrecy what i’ve wrote is peace to me/
the struggles are easy to see all i can hope for decency and for me to at least be free/
the stage is set from now until we are all laid to rest in that place that graves are kept/
you think the government has paid their cheques we need to stay on watch for what they are faking next/

as i search for the answers the thrist for knowledge seems powerless as we age/
as we turn the page on another year we must now learn to set the stage/
from sqaulor to fame the fallouts the same who wants their dreams the american way/
the current world and it’s ways makes me scared to say that i’ve been dared to pray/
can we change our path or do we need to endure the stress and hate our past/
so now do i continue to write my wrongs or try to right my wrongs too fast/
we will all soon pass so do you choose to uplift our people or something equal/
let’s just not pray on the bleak few and try not to herd the meek that seek the steeple/
what does god teach you that love is conditional and you should take how people treat you/
do you want to live like this i don’t think so so go out of your comfort zone and seek truth/
where does the journey take me i’m aching for simplicity in my daily routine/
the truth hurts i can’t seem to talk through things one day i hope i can come clean/

as the tears stream and love escapes this wounded heart/
if i dont feel the pain of missing you im sure it soon will start/
ive lost in my life the newest part its going to be truly hard/
i can make few remarks about how i feel cause my heart is newly scared/
if fate brought us together im sure miracles can occur twice/
im sure i heard right when she called me the most important thing in her life/
and they are my sentiments exactly i hope we see each other soon/
our eyes locked hands together and out lips will meet under the moon/
the passion will never cease even when the distance makes me think it will fade away/
goodbyes i hate to say at least i can remember when your smile made my day/
or how our bodies moved in rhythm to the beat of our souls/
or how our hands fit perfect and yours is the one i need to hold

i’m life changing but not law abiding my hands are scarred from writing/
i’ve seen what the prophets have searched for but my vision marred my sighting/
i’m not blind but reminded that without blinders you get scared of the truth/
but not by fiction time we face the facts and it’s about time we dared our youth/
we aren’t headed in the right direction lost on this atlas like columbus/
your words chosen in generally are horrendous but i’m great at this i’m stupendous/
exploring the subterrean landscape what this hand makes will decide this man’s fate/
i still seal deals with a handshake they must be after humans that they can sedate/
easily adaptable it’s practical to force the masses to practice what you preach/
but it’s the greed you actually seek as i see these factions formed by the weak/
you know the individual a benz with tinted windows though and his fists are full/
of bills it’s quite miserable to show that i know more than our elected officals know/
i’m not saying i’m a mensa member but i know that legal tender tempts the honest type/
there’s two things about me i get along with night and even when i’m wrong i’m right/

A friend wanted to me to touch on the idea of suicide, so I decided that I would let my brain wander into the unknown. I don’t condone this kind of action, but I’m sure we have all thought about a better place at one point or another.

is it a cop out how about we hop out of our bodies just for a second/
do we make the right choice we all know it’s the devil that beckons/
or is it our time to go i know my mind will know when death becomes me so/
my life at times is slow as the knife draws bloods and those cuts do show/
but who will show that they care when the air is drawn from my wilting body/
as my body gets cold there goes my soul my heart my mind as i kill things softly/
but often our kind is misjudged but i have distruted this path i’ve chosen/
i shed societies mold when i was told at ten that my heart was molten/
that it had melted alongside the feelings i had about the life i had lead/
forcefed until i was confirmed dead mislead about the image i wish i could shed/
they even tried shock therapy and apparantly that didn’t work as planned/
and made me take whatever they thought would cure what ails as my throat was crammed/
with pills with names i couldn’t pronounce but they sure made me feel numb/
the doctors i wish i could grill them they didn’t know that they will kill some/

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