Me? Can a man become famous off of his mind and not the image that he portrays?  I’m always trying to push the boundaries of my thoughts and see how creative I can get with the English language.  Nothing amazes me more than the way people craft the spoken and written word to an audiance, especially when it not only keeps you reading, but has you re-reading to uncover the meaning behind the words.  Having been fairly well educated I decided one day to pick up a pen and just put whatever was on mind down on paper and now I finally feel confident enough to share it with friends, family members, and people that don’t even know me.  I find it quite flattering that you would take the time to read my ideas, my thoughts, and the problems and joys we all face living day-to-day.  I really don’t expect much to come from this, but it would be appreciated if I one day found my work published in a book or an online poetry site, so if you are do anything like that please get in contact with me.  And please keep coming back, as I want to always share my work with anyone that is interested in reading.


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