i’m sure no words hurts worse how come i couldn’t have thought first/

now i’m stuck as i see our friendship being taken away in a locked hearst/

it’s too bad your wishes were not heard but my mind took control of my heart/

from the start i wished that in my life you would always play a really big part/

i scribe the tales of a man that lacks the words or actions to formulate an apology/

i would never consider each other a singular entity to me it was always you and me/

just saw what we could conquer from molehills to mountains and we would do it together/

from the way your body fit in mine to the brighest smile you could give me is what i’ll remember/

i know my chances are slim but i what to begin where we started when i didn’t know your name/

i want it to be the same as it was when we didn’t know each others past or their pain/

that first time our hands touched or that point when i couldn’t take my gaze from yours/

hands held tight we locked eyes before we locked hearts as my whole body yearned for more/