i don’t think i have much to say but as i sit here and i rot away/
i know for a fact that it’s because how you live i choose not that way/
i continue to be lost in a game i can’t find the answers to win/
it saddens me that my sister liberty can’t fight the cancers within/
i see the law sway the wrong way it’s always the same song thats played/
you think it’s the truth they speak but i see them go through a dishonest phase/
i place no trust in officals that in my digust lust over the almighty dollar/
i face unjust eventually it seems the world will just be thrust into squalor/
i keep searching for a solution coasting with rebellion just trying to make it through/
it’s too bad your fate with prove to be quite foolish as you continue to hate the truth/
the right would consider me one of satan’s youths so where does that leave me/
maybe it’s what i read be the cause of my frustrations as i set my beliefs free/
our minds are sick and twisted by the biggest business the stranglehold is a tight one/
our air supply depleted quick our freedom nipped i can’t even force myself to like some/
but when you get that deep breath you cherish it we need to think that way with every exhale/
it’s too bad sex sells just hope respect prevails as our people become wary and frail/