my goal is to uphold the moral code of my ancestors so we can break this horid mold/
i don’t think i’ve sold my soul we need to remove the homeless from the morbid cold/
i plead to a god can you please make it stop i am starting to feel our ethos is lost/
but i won’t seek the cross you speak of i would welcome your ideas if it wasn’t for the cost/
i don’t understand tithing while those barely surviving are writhing in pain outside the church/
just waiting til you cop that new ride a hearst i can’t say why most hide their worth/
myself is who i confide in first and the first person that i lied to and denied the truth/
but conflict resolution isn’t a solution that works well for me since i was a youth/
is the news that bleak or have we confused atheletes and actors as something they are not/
it doesn’t just matter if your car’s hot i have my sniper scope and i’m set up for the far shot/
bodies dropped my passion has hardly stopped my heart is scarred a lot and i’ve lost my thoughts/
just hoping i have no recollection of each imperfection my soul knows and tries to block/
is the future as bleak as my mind knows the past haunts to remind those dying slow/
i can’t stand alone with idle folk but must live with the decision of what side i chose/
it seems the lies are from those that ride the cloak of secrecy what i’ve wrote is peace to me/
the struggles are easy to see all i can hope for decency and for me to at least be free/
the stage is set from now until we are all laid to rest in that place that graves are kept/
you think the government has paid their cheques we need to stay on watch for what they are faking next/