Just had to thank Maker, he makes beautiful and gorgeous music.

as i reflect sift through this imperfect existence persistant to prove my stance/
i’m in the mood to rant and it seems that we’ll take the guidance in lieu of chance/
a few will dance with the devil and be lucky to survive to describe to the tall tale/
i tend to see your flaws pale in comparison to mine as we listen to these squalls fail/
why is it we all hail the most high most lie to gather respect that isn’t earned/
cheques are burned along with the records of the spectacle before the tides are turned/
a try to learn but my concern lies in our safety not in these locks that constrain me/
lady liberty, the only heroine i see others worried about what the price of heroin and cocaine be/
i once wrote names neat of certain people that i hoped see gone after we broke the chains free/
namely ones who use mind control mines my own i know your words are spoken to slain me/
they have tried to trap my mind sap my dreams zap my inspiration and kill my ambition/
i watch what is inflicted and their decision is to prosper as they sell an addiction/