still discouraged i still encourage the polls not to be tampered with/
who’s really an anarchist i don’t know if you can actually answer this/
no need to remain a pacifist afer this election when the disaster hits/
do you wonder why we don’t get the same luxuries that your pastor gets/
as i’m riding satan’s back in fact please leave my family in tact/
the impact from an intact left wing movement will force the other side to react/
do we need to hand the torch of course to a force higher than we know of/
is there mores dove in the sky to show peace or is there nothing to show love/
maybe we should hold up hold onto our hopes to cope with the crumbling earth/
i’ve hit the road stumbling first too bad we have to always run to the hearst/
the good die young i stay high strung hell bent on changing the power structure/
keep thinking of ways to muster the strength to greet mother nature and test her/
i’ve witnessed her lecture and realized that the picture she paints is tainted/
but i’ve maintained with a tight grip might clip the angels wing who’s sainted/
i hold inside what it takes to uphold this cadence with tales from ancient past lives/
is easy who knew this mandible would handle the abilty to create caste rights/
the wisdom to last nights and days might we pray for a brighter outlook/
i’m stuck in a place as i’m still searching for the light the night took/