are we able to hide behind the image our reputation creates/
personally i hate that a few wrong moves can dictate your fate/
so don’t move in haste just wait it takes a bit of patience/
but i’ve been waitin since 9/11 to see the truth of the masons/
now my wit’s been wasted hitched on the back of my dying soul/
as i see way to many die below the poverty line buying hope/
they just stay high to cope as the police still be eyeing folk/
i’m a nice guy i know you have thoughts these are just mine i wrote/
commiting sins i think but the crimes are few and far between/
we still be killing the world with cars it seems as i harbour screams/
you make it hard to dream and you shatter what little remains/
bush and hitler flow through the same vein we can’t maintain/
a one world party system we need to put their doctrines too shame/
most of us aren’t opting for change we are just to lost in the pain/
misguided by this broken debate between the likes of good and evil/
try to see the good in people who praise god and behold the steeple/