Here we go, another one to show how much I love the most special person in my life.  If you appreciate what I have to say please do leave comments, I appreciate to hear what you have to say about my passion.  Thank you so much.

i close my eyes i’m reminded of your gorgeous presence and inner beauty/
i love how you view me thinking i’m special and that’s exactly what the truth be/
you see, my family knows your role in my happiness and i would have to agree/
when our hands meet to be one and your lips touch mine it’s magic to me/
from your locks of hair wound tight like the grasp you have on my heart/
as my eyes make their way down they are stopped before they even start/
i know your body is a work of art but i know our souls hurt while apart/
your gaze has my attention and i’m amazed at the knowlege which you impart/
and life to me isn’t all just glamour and glitz it’s how we commmit/
and if you permit me the honour of you forever we should one day make this legit/
i’m talking rings on fingers as my love for you lingers on for decades/
as the stress fades you should know your smile puts me in a perfect headspace/