July 2008

with my sights set on the right sect do we have any rights left/
they try to instill fear with empty threats while we still write checks/
the fatter the pockets the less they worry about the matters at hand/
so please tell me what matters my man my soul is tattered as planned/
are we all manic or has it finally ran it’s course through these veins/
but few have changed i still look around and ask myself who is sane/
we still see that the news is maimed and the written word has mutated/
i know the truth is sacred but speak your mind and it’s you who’s hated/
what happened to free press please come back it’s not like we need stress/
we will even seek less but not what is handed to us by that fox news mess/
or even cnn why can’t we amend the situation we are being faced with/
i’m in a world full of facelifts fake shit and styles that are tasteless/
try to embrace it but still find myself in a world i can’t seem to fit in/
can’t turn a blind eye to members of congress that will still commit sins/


Here we go, another one to show how much I love the most special person in my life.  If you appreciate what I have to say please do leave comments, I appreciate to hear what you have to say about my passion.  Thank you so much.

i close my eyes i’m reminded of your gorgeous presence and inner beauty/
i love how you view me thinking i’m special and that’s exactly what the truth be/
you see, my family knows your role in my happiness and i would have to agree/
when our hands meet to be one and your lips touch mine it’s magic to me/
from your locks of hair wound tight like the grasp you have on my heart/
as my eyes make their way down they are stopped before they even start/
i know your body is a work of art but i know our souls hurt while apart/
your gaze has my attention and i’m amazed at the knowlege which you impart/
and life to me isn’t all just glamour and glitz it’s how we commmit/
and if you permit me the honour of you forever we should one day make this legit/
i’m talking rings on fingers as my love for you lingers on for decades/
as the stress fades you should know your smile puts me in a perfect headspace/

Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

Louis D. Brandeis

Had to put up the video of Augor and Revok getting busy.


Ahhhh, LA, the city of bright lights and endless beaches.  In the dark of the night a kid who calls himself Augor has been seriously putting in work on some billboards.  Just wanted to share a few things he has done in the past and hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.

Just a short one.  Hope you like it.  Please don’t stop coming back to check me out.

we all know that life is precious it seems to me that god’s guesses are wrong/
he seems to be taking souls early surely is it fine that we stay depressed for long?/
as we mourn and our tears crash down similar to the waves on the shore hard/
but retract quick like the tide to bring me back at least not anymore scarrred/
just take a minute to compute this or pursuit whatever which will complete you/
it’s too bad i’m forcefed i don’t like to eat news still destined to meet truth/

Hey guys.  I lost interest pretty quickly but got this much out.  As always, comment if you like, or just feel like leaving me your thoughts.

ahhh a cool breeze a sky that’s blue and those beautiful rays shining through/
the grey subdues right on cue as if the sun really needs to be reminding you/
as we bid the cold adieu i never forget that i told a few to behold the truth/
as the fear accrues we need to pursue the facts and repent what they sold the youth/
i see into souls and see my role in attaining our goals and taking control of them/
i am a mole amongst men and do this while i try my best to console my friends/
and get them to hold their heads up high as they take their meds to try to stay sane/
to stay in the right frame of mind but we need to pray at night just to maintain/