I decided that I haven’t used my words to show you how much I actually love you in quite some time.  So here it is, another attempt to let you know you are the most amazing and beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life.  I thank you for sticking by my side through the high and low times and know that the future for us is so bright.


i have found she’s the one for me i know i need to have her in my life/
and with her by my side i know with her help i know what i do is right/
i am mesmerized by the sight of her figure and the smell of her skin/
my patience was wearing thin until i found your inner beauty within/
and now we begin to take each others hand for the ride to become one/
i love what we’ve become it’s something i needed even before this had begun/
i’m glad i forsaw the future early on when you’re around i’m sure i’m calm/
and when you say you love me i am certain i know i’ve never heard it wrong/
and my words are strong they carry the voice of passion burning inside of me/
don’t want to hide you see because i might miss how gorgeous my bride will be/
i know my heart will guide my feet and i stride to seek you until the end/
i know i can confide the side that’s weak and you still will be my friend/