I don’t know if anyone of you got to watch Dennis Kucinich, and his tirade against President Bush.  The world needs to be rid of this man, and it couldn’t come quickly enough for me to stay happy.  I don’t have to deal with his ideals or the way he presides over his country, but I do have to watch it on the television and I don’t think I can cringe for much longer.  So I decided to write this.


i’ve seen stars shine bright through the dark of our political system/
some feed off what i’ve written to hold onto a future that looks grim/
we’re being torn limb from limb and now my patience does nothing but wear thin/
when did we begin this path to death it’s to bad we are living for your sins/
the consersative approach has been forced in and our homes are’t the same/
it’s a shame you’re to blame for the ills of societies and what it became/
my aim is clear and concise i fear to be precise with the words i use/
we’ve seen the worst now twice a left wing leader would be the first i choose/
why do we only see the hursts on the news we need to celebrate life/
it’s not right it’s too bad that they didn’t their heavens gate invite/