I watched something yesterday. A movie. It told me that the good is done in sunshine, while the evil is done in the dark. Why do the elite meet in secret location discussing things that don’t get released to the public? What are they planning? We need to discover the facts and not rely on our media to not tell us the truth.

sometimes i wish for brighter days and for the truth not to have a slight delay/
am i right in my ways who knows? we sure all have an image we might portray/
and it’s night and day too bad i’m frightened to say that we need to change/
indeed i try and take heed to things i think we need to be freed from fangs/
i see these deceitful names struggle to keep their fame out of the news/
we are forcefed lies so it’s not a shame that we’re doubting the truth/
who knew the elite meet in secret and keep the public out of the picture/
i’ll write to my wrists hurt to warn my people about the dangers of the scriptures/
you following false prophets will not halt profits as the church gets richer/
i think my views of society are well known i have made several strictures/