I have really been lacking on my contribution to this blog.  Nothing different, the same old story continues to play on and on. 


can i take a breath but is the fresh air there because there is none left here/
the future looks bleak i don’t even want to be quite near to what the meek fear/
we seek clear and concise answers to any questions we have but get lied to/
plenty access to free untainted media so why did the government deny you/
we all know why so try to make a difference with specific intentions and direction/
a dissection of societal views of perfection i tend to question your perceptions/
but what’s real anymore i see we even steal from the poor but for what cause?/
the jaws of justice gripped tightly around you constricting with their unjust laws/
but we continue to break them so who’s the victim i guess it’s always different/
depends on the situation but when it’s the judge we’re facing they hardly listen/
i know i’m starved for wisdom we need to discard the system that instills fear/
can’t help but to live life with a martyr’s vision the part i’m missing is real clear/
here here can i please have your attention direct your focus my way a moment/
do you even want to know what will be spoken when it is our day of atonement/