Do I really need to explain myself with this one.  I have not felt good about how I have been acting as of late but feel that I have blossomed into a new person.  I have never felt this good about myself in quite a while and need you to be there by my side to take it all in.

i wish words could be returned to sender or at least i could remember/
that a woman of your stature is still delicate it means your heart is tender/
can you call it remorse if things don’t change but of course it isn’t the same/
i’ve made changes necessary to keep your name from crippling my brain/
plain and simple you know my love flows like the rain or ripples in the ocean/
i don’t feign devotion and i try my hardest not to be fickle with emotions/
you should know you bring out the best in me i don’t want the rest you see/
indeed respect should be an expectancy and now i guess the test will be/
if i can show you more of that because it’s been sorely missing as of late/
i don’t take pride in my actions in fact i’m ashamed of what i can create/