March 2008

to me you are what embodies family and you hold me in high regard it appears/
with that i could not be happier it seems and i see no need to discard any tears/
i awake from this dream but i still have your daughter’s hand held in mine tightly/
i’m reminded nightly that she is the one for me never do i think she might be/
and i am honoured you like me and not just for the way that i make her feel/
i now believe and think my fate is sealed and i’m not about to fake what’s real/
no need to try my respect is still high with a beautiful woman by my side/
and accepting folks who let me know i’m one of them with what they provide/
a caring heart and an open home from the start have shown me your soul/
i still feel so supported by her today and never do i feel i am alone in my goals/


I just wanted to share a few people I hold near to me at all times. 

you need to pay homage and be honest i’m groundbreaking like gil scott heron is/
influenced by both muhammed ali and talib kweli but for me it really is a long list/
you know the horns of john coltrane and charlie parker must be on it my friend/
we can’t just pretend that the current state of music is good it’s off on a trend/
have to rewind when i hear paul simon and about the soles with diamonds in them/
have more respect when they struggle for rent because most have just lied in the end/
it’s been said nothing’s more mightier than the pen and i agree wholeheartedly/
it is not hard to see that this music flows through my body and it’s a part of me/
just not spoken word but also draw inspiration from the books of mailer and hesse/
the letters of revok and retna’s colours none compare they are just failures at best/

Man, oh man, how much did Freestyle Fellowship change the game in the early 90s.  The cadence of Aceyalone or the octave changes of Myka Nyne, they revolutionized hiphop on the whole left Coast for the decade and beyond.  This one is from Innercity Griots, true, that’s what they were, along Daddy-O. 

I sat down with every intention to complete something with a little more substance and depth, but my brain quickly died.  So this is all I have for you this evening, maybe something else tomorrow.

our speech can’t be bought or silenced it’s not nonsense these words/
at least we’ve got this a voice on this topic and any less would be absurd/
is this what we deserve? our rights sacrificed for your schemes for dollars/
i need to tolerate reality it seems that i can’t stand these dreams of squalor/
who really is hearing these muffled screams some it seem have lost all hope/
for you folks i wrote this i hope this is help for the people who can not cope/

our minds trapped in solitary confinement we stay blind trying to see civil liberties/
i’m reminded that in time these rats will take away everything that will set me free/
just wish you would let me be the stress from these snake filled streets is rising/
few shown life seen tombstones in eyes too bad it’s not death we’re despising/
why do they go without a sound souls escaping before reaching the burial grounds/
our eyes lowered always looking down not around it seems pride rarely is found/
if we don’t surround ourselves with the right folk with the left vote i see no changes/
became strangers in our home deranged with paranoia to bad you cant tame this/
instill fear to steer you clear of the truth destroy documents and a file’s contents/
they commit perjury on the stand and they murder to understand this nonsense/

With this one, I really think that Sole has outdone himself. I didn’t really think music videos should be like this.  He has teamed up a with a few musicians on this project and they entitled it Sole and the Skyrider Band, you should check it out if you haven’t.  The video you are about to see is amazing…

six billion empty stomachs, all hands in the pot… 

Do I really need to explain myself with this one.  I have not felt good about how I have been acting as of late but feel that I have blossomed into a new person.  I have never felt this good about myself in quite a while and need you to be there by my side to take it all in.

i wish words could be returned to sender or at least i could remember/
that a woman of your stature is still delicate it means your heart is tender/
can you call it remorse if things don’t change but of course it isn’t the same/
i’ve made changes necessary to keep your name from crippling my brain/
plain and simple you know my love flows like the rain or ripples in the ocean/
i don’t feign devotion and i try my hardest not to be fickle with emotions/
you should know you bring out the best in me i don’t want the rest you see/
indeed respect should be an expectancy and now i guess the test will be/
if i can show you more of that because it’s been sorely missing as of late/
i don’t take pride in my actions in fact i’m ashamed of what i can create/

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