I’ve never felt as lost as I do right now, but how quickly can I see where myself I want to be?  Time is precious right now and I’m not letting it go by faster than I can put up with.  Today I thought something out-loud that really shouldn’t be the case.  I was thinking about how the countries of the world would rather satisfy their curiosities with the exploring of the solar system rather than give people of their country free health-care.  Do you think the trillions of dollars spent on NASA could go to making the clinics and doctors to be cost free?  Just something to think about.

it’s true i lack words for the current state of fizer and procter and gamble/
drug costs rising what to prescribe me is confusion these doctors can’t handle/
it’s time to dismantle the profits is it that hard for you to only break even/
but you’ve made me believe you did what’s right now we can’t just fake treason/
we think it should be free to get healed i’m appalled at where all the dollars go/
too bad i wish these CEOs would display the same intelligence our scholars show/
they paint the future dark with various shades of black all it does is it distracts/
us off track and we need to react differently with many things we combat in fact/
are we a society that needs to see plenty fendi and moon bases by 2020 and on/
lived outside our means for centuries plenty of men be telling me i’ve lived wrong/
is space exploration a joke or do we need to debate if it’s a planet or not/
it’s salvation i sought not bought i struggle because i can’t stand what is taught/