is our existence in shambles or can we handle the pain we feel/
has the well be drained of freewill by the almighty stainless steel?/
trapped with fear but i can speak on reality cause i’ve had it near/
it’s quite clear most are blind to the facts too bad you heard it here/
i’ve persevered through years of the same monotonous behaviour/
but one thing at least the right wing government has gotten us is a saviour/
and if you don’t believe in him they don’t want anything to do with you/
it’s true but i’ve had to inject ice water in my veins through and through/
who is you and what is your objective and mission statement while you exist/
not dissolution but to persist in the revolution but all i see in the air is your fist/
can’t do much with hand gestures there are rights we have to sequester/
i’m sick of testing the waters mother nature is tired we need to rest her/