First off, I want to thank Blockhead for his album entitled Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book.  I guess you could say this is a little bit about how I feel about the music industry.  It is constantly run by the same group of rich white men who will always dictate what you and I will always listen to and read.  We are constantly bombarded with the same image from different angles at the same time.  You hear the same song on the radio as you see on the television, there has to be something wrong with that.  I can’t stand how things are and how the people that need to be heard aren’t the ones that are in most people’s ipods.  Just a warning, there is a line in this one some might find offensive, please don’t take it the wrong way.  I just wish that people had more control of their own music.  How is it that the music so closely related to the streets and the struggle is dominated by a groups of men who don’t relate at all.

i’m super intelligent but the content seems to be irrelevant/
don’t need to use our minds our hips sway as part of the settlement/
the music’s intent should be more than a market share percent/
at present i just want to know where all the good music went/
the industry’s controlled by just masons and jews who decide just for you/
what station you choose and also what you hear and when you do/
it’s too bad no one has had  the opportunity to hear you and me/
it’s true you see we posses a fluency in an art full of scrutiny/
but the ones i respect object to the subject matter in music/
it’s the image you’re seduced with that is what i refuse quick/
i don’t want to hear it i’ve most likely heard it all already/
all i know is that the combination of money and greed is deadly/