I wrote this a while back for a special lady’s science blog she has, and decided I would share it with my readers.  We will go to our graves debating pure scientific facts based on years of evidence and research against the thought of one man creating everything and the dinosaurs being a trick to fool us.  When will their story change?  I just wish that people wouldn’t believe the biblical side of things and not take that as fiction, and instead look where the facts lie.  Enjoy, and I hope this starts some good dialogue from both sides.

does the debate end when it comes to darwin and creationism/
is it god and wisdom or are these scientists fake with fiction/
it’s a contradiction to have a belief system not based on facts/
evolution ended with the scopes trial the textbooks want it back/
can’t have our youth educated these days with only the bible in mind/
the book of genesis made way for a movement of intelligent design/
children it’s perfectly acceptable to read about natural selection/
it’s either fable or truth and that’s based on your perception/
but can you believe god opened up the heavens and adam appeared/
the knowledge we need is being suppressed i’ve had it up to here/
don’t think one side should prevail but at least lend each an ear/
and have both parties listen and have a voice to speak it clear/