So I watched this video during my daily attempt to say sane at work during the slow patches of the day.  I just want to know what Officer Salvatore Rivieri was thinking for the three and a half minutes he was being filmed.  It made me realize that the people that need to feel protected most by the police are the ones the officers treat with the littlest amount of respect possible.  It has gotten to the point where we as people would rather keep silent then report anything and everything to the so-called keepers of the peace.  I decided to write this about what I thought, hope you like it and as always, comment if you will.

do they protect and serve or is it another lesson learned/
we say stop the violence they would rather see the projects be burned/
keep the elite safe and secure that’s how their cheques are earned/
the effect is that my sect has yearned for your respect for sure/
does it soften the blow now how often are we caught up in problems/
civil servants they aren’t and we just don’t want to make cop friends/
the cases they may solve them but it seem they hate all men/
and women civilians by the million are locked up in small pens/
did the crime warrant the punishment or was it tampered evidence/
no faith since the black glove happened from then on and ever since/
that the judge can sway for money or fame but lay heavy in blame/
try to refrain from thinking police are insane but now the court’s the same/