Have nothing to say about this.  I think I used up everything that my mind had to offer on the actual writing process rather than a quick blurb about it.  So enjoy and leave comments please if you do read it, whether you like it or not.

is it my time yet or do i need to a sign the guest log/
stay contaminated like test frogs while we infest bogs/
ponds oceans lakes and there’s a bond i hope to break/
it’s church and state i hear men speak on tales of folk and fate/
i guess hope can wait my doubts shrouded in cloaks and capes/
they’ve burned our books fried our discs and broke our tapes/
i wrote my name next to the devils and hoped and prayed/
couldn’t handle existing i wish i could have coped and stayed/
gone is my mind soul and spirit rekindled with the one you fear/
i didn’t expect this result i’m trapped i hope i signal clear/
hope i get a response back i can almost sense first contact/
the people in power are an example of a well-versed hack/