I thought I would see how well I could use the English language.  Tried to incorporate as much multi-syllable rhyming into this one as I could.  Not much behind it, just wanted to try something different.  I guess not all to different though, but enjoy.

i wish for blue skies not lewd guys with rude lines/
in due time few find that in life theres two kinds/
of ways to do it so use this music to reminisce/
a pessimist persists it’s bad we pretend it’s bliss/
we aren’t a foolish nuisance who’s this speaking out/
it looks meek right now but i just exceed your doubts/
i see you seething meaning nothing but empty threats/
we shook hands when we left now behind me is death/
don’t fret even though the debt is still high as ever/
is respect out there it should be this guy is clever/
listen to me what i have to say could change the way/
you look at life is there strife or a brighter day/