twosteeples.jpgI don’t think the mentality of ‘we can change the world one person at a time’ works for me.  If we band together I think we can incite some change in our lifetime.  As people we need to be more adaptable and more important, reliable.  If we can be counted in a time of need I think we can make not only positive, but motivated choices.  Just scribbled this down and thought I would share it with some of you people that read my ideas.

are we prisoners of war or actually a captive audience/
people plus money plus power doesn’t add it’s not making sense/
at our expense at present tense we see the greed in their eyes/
in due time we will find it is just the devil in disguise/
why have we let him take over the souls of most we know/
it goes to show that for dough folks will toast with foes/
the cry for freedom is spoken low but i put hope in people/
disband the bond of church and state and leave broken steeples/