887holding_hands.jpgAs I am about to bid you farewell on your journey, I want to shower you with my undivided attention for the next few days.  And when you are gone, I want your image to stay fresh in my mind.  I hope my words will help your thoughts stay on me and not become distant from each other.  Another one for you, I hope you like it.

my heart beats only two syllable while you occupy my mind/
is it going by quickly do we need to stop and press rewind/
i pray that we could pause the moment and stay that way/
would i trade these ways? do you know you just made my day/
your image never really escapes my being its fate it seems/
that you be mine and when i fall asleep you make me dream/
can’t take my eyes from your gaze a heart i know i’ve praised/
on a pedestal you are raised i still think i’m quite amazed/
two connected souls holding on and can’t stop the embrace/
trace fingertips down face taking in all of your grace/
i see the future and honestly it does look appealing/
and i think about the now when i can’t have the real thing/