I found this over at a friend’s blog and really enjoyed what she had to say. Her name is Chua, and you can see all her work here. If you want to read something meaningful, you really should check her out.

Soft lips brush against your smooth neck
smelling as sweet as roses, kisses strike you like lightning
leaving a storm of love pounding in your chest.


Smooth fingers caress your blushing skin
tracing the trail of diamonds falling from your eyes
As smiles and giggles attack your once unfathomable face.

Fingers curl into your plush hair;
Tears of joy turn to despair, hands grab you back forcefully.
Shock in your eyes a blow hits your face.

The devil’s mark is tattooed over and over
onto you porcelain surface as dents are left into
your plump body until fingers

Caress your blushing skin tracing the trail
of rubies falling from your cracks;
You should have never lied and cheated.