06klett2.jpgAnother installment of what’s in the mind of me, Scott.  We must gear up for change and make some things right in the world.  Stop ignoring the signs, everything is in place now for us to right the ship.  We have people so focused on the past and what is going on now to get prepared for what’s coming up ahead of us.  Mister Kennedy said it best when he said “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ”  Always a great quote out of that man.  Read this and let me know what you think….

i need a change can’t really stand the state of things/
at this rate it seems i fear for the fate of beings/
we are dying off at pace faster than we can agree to/
we know by now we have to be be true transparent see through/
you want me to be who i can’t put trust in your direction/
a system making money off pain is a must from your perception/
tax breaks for rich attracts hate from the poorer folks/
the rich stay wealthier while we rely on borrowed hope/
we hold off until tomorrow spoiling a day for transition/
not a lack of wisdom its persistence i know you can listen/
so when i speak out do the same and make your voice loud/
we need to take it by force now its must be our choice now/