This just flowed.  Have nothing to say about it though.  Just enjoy and let me know what you think please!

i’m awoken by smoke as i arise from my slumber/
can barely hear my family’s cries squelched by the thunder/
or maybe they aren’t here but how did they all disappear/
as i wait for the mist to clear i’m having fits of fear/
i pull the blinds aside the world looks bleak and grey/
they have to be dead i say i can’t even speak today/
i walk down to the front door not wanting it to open/
it creaks open i see burnt bodies and bones broken/
the smell of flesh enters my nasal cavity burning it/
past the point of where i could get help from a tourniquet/
i walk the streets filled with death to seek my brethren/
i can’t stop thinking about them as they weep in heaven/