money1.jpgSometimes something comes into my head and I need to make sure I record it somehow.  This was the result of a lazy afternoon and suddenly the lightbulb went off and in ten minutes I had scribbled something down.  Nothing major here, just a few thoughts I was feeling that day.  Some issues more important than others and some that you might not see popping up your daily routine.  They might not pop up in my life either, but one way or another the media will get to you, believe that. 



i can’t put my trust in the system that presides over/
my people minds are equal but they can’t even drive sober/
it’s a shame this sham has grands being laundered/
it’s harder these days when i can’t even get a song heard/
these mongers need to be left of my map i can’t stand it/
i’ve thought about mars maybe the moon get me off this planet/
i’m famished and same with my folks we need to eat our share/
i just turn off the tv some images are too much it’s harsh there/
and by there i mean anywhere that isn’t anglo saxon facts are/
that subsaharan men are worse off since the birth of the rap star/