3399206.jpgPart two of what I started in my last post.  This is a short little bit about how the streets would feel to a homeless man that isn’t on drugs, isn’t on of the ones that doesn’t even want help.  What does our society do, blends him in with the rest of the groups of homeless.  Sure, some people in government or other agencies want to help these people, but the general consensus from the city is of disgust.  Let’s make a change people, and help the people that want help. 

have you ever been awake thirty six hours and not ate/
social assistance can’t even rent me a room with a hot plate/
you think i know how rock taste i stay clean sober/
hard times arise sometimes and now i pack a mean odour/
just one of the street’s soldiers with a bleak future/
i try to stay healthy the wealthy consider me a weak moocher/
i beg cause i have to eat not to appease an addictive habit/
i try and blame myself not others but i had a mom my dad hit/
when he left it was drastic until my i’m wrapped in black plastic/
hit the pavement next trying to find a way but was still lost/
had much on my mind now all i got is how much my next meal will cost/