120px-mindsex.jpgIt’s now been a year since you’ve been in my life.  I know I don’t completely get you or you me, but things are starting to come together in the only way I ever pictured it

Relax, I got the good vibrations
Before we make love let’s have a good conversation

I feel you are the one that is for me.  Every day I arise and realize that no one compares to you, and how I wouldn’t want anyone in my life.  I take it as the upmost compliment you want exactly the same thing I want, and feel that I’m such a privaledged man to have someone of your stature in my life.

The words here are from Dead Prez, the song is called Mind Sex, and it relays how I feel, how I don’t need to have sex with you, rather I could get lost in your eyes and conversate and be happy.

Pardon me love but you seem like my type
What you doin tonight? you should stop by the site
We could, roll some weed play some records and talk
I got a fly spot downtown Brooklyn, New York
Now I know you think I wanna fuck, no doubt
but tonight we’ll try a different route, how bout we start
With a salad, a fresh bed of lettuce with croutons
Later we can play a game of chess on the futon
See i ain’t got to get in your blouse
It’s your eye contact, that be getting me aroused
When you show me your mind, it make me wanna show you mines
Reflecting my light, when it shines, just takin our time
Before the night’s through, we could get physical too
I ain’t tryin to say I don’t wanna fuck, cause I do
But for me boo, makin love is just as much mental
I like to know what I’m gettin into


Mind Sex – the mp3 version