homeless.jpgAnother day, another problem?  Homelessness.  One word to describe it, horrible, yes.  When will stop blaming and focusing on what needs to be done to help these desperate people.  I don’t know where you are from, but in my city of Victoria, it’s a constant struggle to find the solution to a never-ending problem.  I decided to write something about it.  It takes on three vantage points.  One of a downtown shop owner, done university and succeeding in life.  The other is your typical beat cop, having to deal with nothing more then a few domestic disturbances and drunks in the streets.  The last is a homeless man who doesn’t even have enough to get by.  The way he looks he may come across as just like the rest, but he is trying to find a way, but the system won’t let him.  It’s a work in progress aswell, so I will come back and post more later.

 i step over you when i arrive and leave/
and they attritube this to a mind diseased/
i see lack of motivation asking for a chance to be freed/
no responsibility good thing i earned my masters degree/
don’t factor in greed i’m just disgusted by what i see/
my streets are mine should not be entrenched in crime indeed/
i don’t mind the graffiti but what about the fecal matter/
you have a needle in your while your teeth will chatter/
i see help but see you hide behind your mind that’s fried/
your weak health pay for that now would your kind just die/