74369378_6632645dc8_o1.jpgWhy does someone have to put on a fake front and pretend to be someone they aren’t.  I still ask myself that questions quite often as I interact with more people on a daily basis.  This comes from me, circa 2004, one of the only things I’ve actually recorded.  I don’t know if I was going through a bad time of my life or not, but for some reason once I started I couldn’t help but cynical and angry throughout the whole writing process.  I’m starting to figure out that the only thing that matter is me, and how I view myself.  We all are what we make of ourselves, not what other make us out to be. 


hey you ya you you must be shook/
opening dusty books leave your torse on rusty hooks/
must we look inside your mind your kind’s blind/
evicerate your eyes take time to construct windchimes/
so your songs play on and on until your breath is gone/
feeling calm trapped inside a world gone mad but who really is wrong/
it’s me not really you see because half the earths dying as we speak/
so burying another emcee is easy in six feet deep of concrete/
the greatest feat the devil pulled was to convince his minions/
now millions of civilians are filling up hells gate for their decisions/
i’ve been there and been back to this planet god damned it/
wish i could have stayed along brimstone a little longer to understand it/
are you dead yet i am been infected with typhus and smallpox/
now let’s join hands so we all can become lifeless and all rot/