Who really knows what tomorrow will bring us.  Sure, so-called soothsayers and prophets adorn our city blocks but do they know all?  Death becomes all us and I wanted to illustrate that.  I chose the love of a man and woman and what becomes of him after she moves on.  I usually keep my work non-fiction based, but once I started writing this it just kept flowing.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

(from a male perspective)
i feel your grip loosen see the pain flushed from your eyes/
the demons escape your head that you always hung up high/
the pride you showed despite what you owned in your home/
the rest are drones you the were always the best to know/
lest we show the ills of society through your tested ways/
we would rest in the shade indecisive in this hectic maze/
we’d wonder what this cheque will pay we’d have sex all day/
now i’m next to a grave i’m expected to face in earth you now lay/
i shed tears thinking of you and me as your eulogy is read/
sure hope it’s soon we meet now that the you in me is dead/
fortunately instead we are more so cohesive as one soul/
but now behind my chest it’s cold and my head is full/
can’t shake the blues or hues of it i’m not seen in public/
in love with her beauty its soothing her portrait i hug it/
does god exist in times like this i ask while on both knees/
just hoping that my prayers are answered and you appear before me/
shortly you leave after i’m mourning maybe the tears do stop forming/
is this normal or should i start taking heed to these warnings/
now far to lonely my shoulders can’t support the stress/
i just can’t be without you i now must report to death/

i couldn’t take it i just could be without you/
(repeat as often as possible til bridge)

(female perspective)
as i take your hand in mine for one last time it’s time/
i whisper ‘please stop crying as i you lose your eyes in mine/
no energy for pantomime as i can feel myself drift right off/
as they press on mine at least i remember that your lips are soft/
i should know i kissed them lots but death becomes me quickly/
i’m worried about you and what you’ll do so please just miss me/
i keep hearing you call my name as your cries become distant/
you seem persistant in bringing me back i’m gone in an instant/
i watch your back but i also watch you crack under pressure/
our bonds been severed and i can see that your head hurts/
it can’t be too much just hold on a bit the pain does subside/
i cry as you did for me as you fall asleep and i watch you die/