When I first started writing this it really was never intended for you.  But when the words started coming out I knew you had to be mine.  It was tough to find the right moment to share how I really felt about you but I found it and never looked back.  Your soft touch and calming voice haven’t left my mind yet and it only intesifies over time.  The feeling of your hand in mine and the amount of times I get lost in your eyes still amazes me and I don’t want to lose the feeling.

I decided to post the instrumental I wrote this to.  It really doesn’t matter the point of the song that this starts or ends, I could let this beat ride out for ever.
is my heart taken maybe but that grasp is weak/
i appreciate that you give me a chance to speak/
arms wrapped around hips lay lips on hands and cheek/
in past tense used to think aloud when can we meet/
now it’s true you exist and i do think you’re gorgeous/
your eyes shine bright now can i handle more of this/
was there a courtship or straight to the romance/
under stars we slow dance with others no chance/
how quick i’ve forgotten no need for a replacement too soon/
waves crash wind blows we see stars adjacent the moon/
it’s true i may have only i’ve seen the faces of few/
but i can see me falling for the taste that is you/