burning_flag1.jpgLustGreedJealousy Envy.  All very relevant human emotions.  This is a conversation between a left-wing young man, I could even see myself in his shoes.  He’s having a discussion on the state of things in the world with a conservative older gentleman who likes to believe what he hears via Fox News or through the morning paper.   By the end of it the man from the right side of the picture almost has to admit defeat after what he hears his people doing to the world.  It’s inevitable people, we need to make changes now before things get further out of hand. 

you looked stressed he asked are you going to be okay?/
too bad i don’t have the answer to give to you today/
but why he shot back i said look at the state of things/
multiple personality pawns in power and the hate they bring/
but you still chase the dream eventually it’s fate it seems/
now just hold up aren’t we supposed to be the greatest beings/
just to fill the cupboards why do we still steal from brothers/
why do we blame one another as the system still traps others/
you’re just being cynical there’s always a silver lining/
take iraq have they bombed back we don’t need reminding/
or at gitmo we have tricked more into false statements/
so that leaves less terrorists walking upon our pavement/
it’s a war for oil can’t take that can’t you read the facts/
how can you still trust the patriot act by these racist hacks/
it doesn’t affect me personally but my eye can’t turn blind/
i think with the third kind to move me through these absurd times/
no education process they just learn crime to earns dimes/
get high before the sherm dries i’m so bright my words shine/
i hear the cries for help a passionate eye is wealth/
or an open ear i spoke it clear to relieve myself/
and thank you for that he said i could tell he was angered/
his star spangled banner ruined almost endangered/