Another day, another installment of what goes on in my head.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and a beautiful thing to hold on to.  Never let what you have to say been held down, please stand up and be accounted for.  The voice of change is coming, I can hear it.   

i see the blank stares under black shadows/
oh their souls glow tucked away so who knows/
passionate about the arts graspin life asking my heart/
where is my place where do i fit where do i start/
the ills of the globe pills they condone locked in our homes/
what happened to the average joe it seems he just can’t rattle the throne/
elected by who dispised by too many still remains the same/
will it change maybe when the power ain’t controlled by one name/
or maybe two a lady too how can that be true/
no red more blue don’t do what un troops in haiti do/
or iraq and now wait for iran to bomb so they can bomb them back/
i don’t get that soldiers get strapped show me that on a map/
end rant i can sense a problem with the current state of affairs/
full of hate and despair choose lucifer’s lair over the lord’s prayers/
need to see separtion in church and state from my perch i debate/
am i too late when i pass i know that i will search for the gates/